Monj final application screen

Build lifelong cooking skills and a passion for food!

People don't know how to cook! Not knowing how to cook is one of the main reasons people don't eat healthy. Monj is a skilling application. The challenge was to design a guided experience that is flexible to engage with. The more people cook the more skills they learn.

sketches of monj experience

Concept Sketches

Projects need exploration. The image is a collection of the ideas tossed around before we settled on the ideal experience.

Experience Wireframe Diagram of Monj

Application Flow

Should we let people sample the application before they sign up? Absolutely. The application flow above provides a way of moving a user from public experience to authenticated experience. Even if people don't sign up, you have a marketing win anytime people try your application.

Design of the Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards

One of the challenges with the experience was finding a model that can balance guided, step-by-step skilling experience with a flexible experience. The recipe card tray was the solution. We automatically recommend the next dish, we track what you accomplished and we automatically move the tray along. When people finish a collection, we recommend the next collection. We also understood that tastes differ and at any moment, people might want to cook something different. The tray slides on touch and people can select a different meal or switch collections. On launch, people always have something to cook.


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