Diagram the problem of a Salesforce.com account feed.

Saleforce.com : Account Feed

Design starts with discovery and problem definition. The screen above is part of a deck that highlights the problem of missing critical information in the feed. A user landing into an account will only see that an account is created. The account might have tons of useful related information stored in cases, opportunities, and contacts.

Too much information when all related account content is pushed into the Salesforce feed.

Solution 1. Show All

The easy solution would display an entry for every transaction, but that would create a noise problem. Conversations around just one case could overwhelm the entire feed.

UX design solution, create a container

Solution 2. Contain Information

Creating a container for each type of transaction solves the noise issue. Users can slide into each container and dig into transactions if desired.

Add a context bar to the container and provide more insight

Solution 3. Add Context

We can move the needle even higher by providing context around each container. Now the user can glance the footer of the container and decide if they need to dig deeper.